Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Aura Premium: Lifetime Subscription

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It’s a crazy world out there these days, and technology can get a bad rap for causing much of the stress and anxiety. But it could be the solution instead of the problem. Aura Premium: Lifetime Subscription was created by meditation teachers and therapists. Using artificial intelligence, it caters to your specific needs to relieve your stress and anxiety by giving daily short, science-backed mediation exercises. You can reach a more peaceful state without the complicated exercises. The app was rated five out of five stars from over 1,200 reviews on iTunes and was rated the top new app for February 2017.

  • Free three-minute guided meditation session every day
  • Choose meditation durations of three, seven, or ten minutes
  • Get more specific mediations based on how you rate your experiences
  • See yourself improve and learn about your mood patterns by tracking your mood
  • Get daily reminders for mindful breaks
  • Listen to meditations whenever you want by saving past sessions
  • Non-mediation wellness content to be offered soon

Relieve your stress and relax at 84% off for just $59.99.

Aura Premium: Lifetime Subscription


There’s nothing worse than when your phone takes a fall. All you can imagine is the screen cracking or it getting otherwise damaged. With Mous Limitless Ultra-Slim iPhone Cases with Airo Shock Protection, your worries are over. It has an advanced smart material that will dissipate impacts up to 45 feet, lessening the effect of that drop. The case has a raised front lip to lessen the chance the screen will touch the ground, yet it only adds 2mm of thickness to the size. This case includes a free mount as well as a high-quality screen protector.

  • Military-grade protection
  • Absorbs impact without adding bulk
  • Will withstand impacts of up to 45 feet
  • Only adds 2mm of thickness to iPhone

Get this ultra-slim iPhone case for just $34.99.

Mous Limitless Ultra-Slim iPhone Cases with Airo Shock Protection

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