The Coding Powerhouse Ebook Bundle Deal

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Looking for a crash course in all aspects of coding? The Coding Powerhouse Ebook Bundle could help you out in this pursuit. You’ll read and learn many disciplines of coding including Angular 2, Java, Python, Git, Swift 3, and more. You’ll be a coding whiz by the time your have completed all these ebooks and will be ready to take on any challenge.

The following nine ebooks are included in this bundle.

Learning Angular 2 – Discover the basics of how to design and build Angular 2 components, and also learn your way around TypeScript.

Java Deep Learning Essentials – You’ll get an introduction to basic machine-learning algorithms and will then dive deeper into the topic.

Mastering Python – Learn new advanced methods of using Python 3.5 and find out how to create a virtualenv and start a new project.


Mastering React – Read what makes React special and learn how to combine different web technologies surrounding it to construct a web application.

Mastering JavaScript – Discover modern JavaScript techniques for building a functional and useful cross-platform library.

Mastering Git – Learn to set up a Git environment and to write clean code with Reset and Revert features to grasp the entire Git workflow.


Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook – Learn recipes for creating an architecture that will get you up and running with Xamarin.

Swift 3 Functional Programming – Strengthen old skills or learn new skills with Swift 3 to design and develop applications for iOS, the Web, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Scala High Performance Programming – Get the knowledge you need, starting with the basics, to create performant Scala applications.

Read up on all these coding disciplines at 91% off.

The Coding Powerhouse Ebook Bundle

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