Increased Numbers Turn to Mobile Billing

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As mobile usage increases so we become more demanding of what our mobiles can do for us and this includes being able to pay for goods or services via our phone bill.

Paying for apps or games by phone bill or SMS billing is now recognized as one of the more popular options for a few reasons.

Convenience is probably the main reason why more and more people are setting up mobile phone billing to pay at the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store, and this can be achieved quickly and simply:

  • Firstly open the iTunes Store or App Store app
  • Then scroll down the bottom of the screen and tap your Apple ID
  • Then tap Payment Information
  • Under the list of payment options look for and select Mobile Phone
  • You can choose to ‘Use this mobile number ‘if you are using the phone connected to the carrier plan, then you tap next
  • If you are not using iOS 8.4 or later you will need to manually enter your mobile number
  • Apple then will use the number of the iPhone you are on to check with your carrier and confirm that you can be signed up for mobile phone billing. Usually, a screen with ‘Verifying’ on it appears whilst this is going through

If you want to use a different number or do not see the words ‘Use this Mobile Number’

  • If you are using a different phone or even on an iPad or iPod touch you might want to use a different number to set yourself up with mobile billing. If you follow the first six steps above then follow these steps below you should be able to set yourself up
  • After you have tapped ‘Use a Different Mobile Number’ enter the number for the phone connected to the account that you want to bill to
  • You should then get an SMS message with a one-time code sent to the mobile number you provided. Check the phone for the message and then enter the code on the device that you are using to set up mobile phone billing. You can always tap ‘Resend Code’ if it does not arrive straight away
  • Tap ‘Verify’ to verify the code

Another industry that is increasingly using the pay by mobile phone option is the online gambling industry.

In this way, people can play their favorite casino pay by phone bill sites and know that they are able to make a deposit via their mobile phones.

There are many who like this idea as when  you pay for your games or make a deposit via your mobile the cost is either added onto your monthly contract or deducted from your ‘pay as you go’ account. There is no need to give any credit card details over the internet, and even your bank will not know about any of your transactions as they are not involved.

Paying for casino games in such a way also keeps a check on your spending as you can only make daily payments of no more than £30 with a minimum payment of around £10 each time. Considering that you can usually make payments of up to £500 using a credit card, paying by phone bill definitely trims the amount spent each day on gambling, and depending on how you like to play can be either a good or bad thing.

Another reason for this pretty low limit is that if your mobile got lost or was stolen then you would not be liable for a massive phone bill at the end of the month.

In this increasingly mobiles world we live in the expectations are that increasingly we shall be given more convenient way to pay for our goods and services, and that can only be a good thing.

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