This H.S. Senior Jumped Out Of A Plane For His Promposal

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A high school senior killed two birds with one stone on tonight’s Promposal, getting a date to the big dance and winning back his girlfriend in the process.

“We just got out of a year-long relationship,” 18-year-old Alejandro said of his ex Cassidy. “[But] I really miss her a lot. She’s always there for me, she’s my best friend, and I really want to get her back.”

With that in mind, Alejandro decided to ask Cassidy to prom — and if she’d like to start dating again — in the biggest way possible. Collecting a slew of pals, he explained his plan: He’d lure Cassidy to the high school track field under the guise that she’d be watching him run in a competition; instead, his friends would be there to each give her pieces of paper that featured words of apology. Then she’d be brought to a landing site, where Alejandro would jump out of a plane and officially ask her to prom. In a tuxedo.

“I want to make it as James Bond as I can,” he said.

So was Alejandro shaken or stirred on the big day? Neither: The teen jumped 10,000 feet from an airplane at a speed of 120mph with aplomb, landing flawlessly in front of Cassidy and all their friends and family. As his pals held up appropriate signage, he made his high-flying promposal: “Cassidy, I would dive for you,” he said. “Will you go to prom with your boyfriend?”

Her response was a gleeful yes and — as she prepared on prom night — the young lady further expressed her happiness. “I have my best friend back, and my boyfriend back,” she said.

And man, did those preparations pay off: Cassidy stunned in a red midriff-baring dress (that slit though), while a blissfully smitten Alejandro matched her perfectly thanks to a well-chosen pocket square and killer pair of socks.

“In high school, you’re always going to have people telling you, ‘You don’t know what love is yet,'” he reflected as they headed toward a waiting limo. “But if you feel it, you feel it. And I really feel it with Cassidy.”

+Tell us: Would you jump out of a plane for your crush? And do you think Alejandro and Cassidy’s love with last? Share your thoughts, then catch another Promposal on Monday at 11/10c.

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