This Teen Channeled Beyoncé For Her Super Sweet 16

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No teen wants a basic birthday bash (duh), and Priscila’s elaborate quinceañera featured on tonight’s My Super Sweet 16 was anything but.

For the traditional Latin American 15th birthday celebration, the bday girl swapped convention for extravagance — going all out with a colorful Alice In Wonderland-themed bash. But she didn’t stop there: In addition to performing the usual quinceañera dance routine with her court of four gentlemen (including her longtime crush Uriel), Priscila had a surprise solo number inspired by none other than Beyoncé.

“I need to look like Queen B,” the teen stated matter-of-factly. “Except, I’m Queen P.”

Naturally, this called for an additional outfit worthy of the “Formation” singer… which did not go over so well with her mom Araceli. In the words of Mama A, “How could you spend $600 for a dress? Are you crazy?”

Fortunately Priscila was allowed to keep the frock. — and Queen B P and her court practiced until the day of the big bash. All seemed Beyoncé flawless…that is, until Priscila realized her mother forgot the dress 30 minutes before her surprise dance — the one that was supposed to majorly impress Uriel. (C’mon, Mom! You had one job to do.)

Luckily, Uncle Juan saved the day, arriving with the important look just in time for her grand wardrobe change. P’s performance went off without a hitch and ended with a mini makeout sesh with Uriel. Win-win!

What was your favorite part of Priscila’s party? Comment with your thoughts, and catch more larger-than-life celebrations when My Super Sweet 16 airs next Monday at 10:30/9:30c!

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