Red Sox said to use Apple Watch to steal signs from Yankees – CNET

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The Boston Red Sox have reportedly been caught stealing signs from the New York Yankees with help from an Apple Watch.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are accused of stealing signs using an Apple Watch to win games against the rival New York Yankees.

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The Yankees filed a complaint to Major League Baseball saying the Red Sox were stealing pitch signs by using the smartwatch during a four-game series last month in Boston, according to The New York Times. The Yankees provided a video showing a Red Sox staffer looking at his Apple Watch and relaying a message to players, possibly tipping off what pitches were going to be thrown. 

MLB investigators confirmed the Yankees’ case by using the league’s own video for instant replays and broadcasts, the report said. However, it’s unclear if any rules were broken. The MLB began allowing the use of Apple Watches in the dugout in 2015.

The Red Sox admitted to having trainers relay information from their replay staff to players using electronic devices, a strategy that was in place for weeks. Boston won two of those three games against the Yankees, and it holds a slight lead in the American League East division. 

The Red Sox responded Tuesday by filing a complaint of its own against the Yankees, saying the team uses a camera from its television network to steal signs during games. 

The two teams and Major League Baseball couldn’t be immediately reached for comment. 

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