American Idol Group Night Sucks


In the midst of a new wave of riots in Iran, real unemployment on the rise, small blizzards hitting the mid atlantic region, people sleeping on the streets in Haiti, and many more serious issues, I came across the all important headline in Google News “American Idol: Are the Group Performances Still Necessary?”

Hollywood weeks group day pollThat really caught my eye, because last night I watched group night on American Idol and subsequently wanted to rip my eyeballs out and feed them to our cat.  I haven’t seen that level of drivel on TV in at least 72 hours and I sure as hell don’t want to see it again.  Now don’t get me wrong the article is a non-read, about as much as this one will be a non-read, the title says it all and based on the super scientific poll conducted at BuddyTv with massive sample size of 5 votes, it is obvious that the world already understands that Group Day sucks to such an extent that they won’t even bother to vote in the poll.

Rolling eyes at "That's like a cop out"You can almost here the masses chanting (as their own cats eat their own eye balls) “We get it already, group night on Idol sucks.”

So why do they do it?

corporate music meat grinder - American Idol Group night sucks Maybe this is the way Idol and music producers test applicants for the corporate music meat grind:

  • Will you jump through hoops if we ask?
  • Will you sing really cheesy crappy songs on demand?
  • Will you sell out so completely that your dog wouldn’t recognize you?
  • How much will you sell your first born for?
  • Will you offer up a bogo if you have twins?
  • If we mix and match you with other sell out entertainers on concert tours or award shows, will you play nice enough so that we can market you to the point that the devil would puke?
  • Seriously, we might write reports about you being a prima dona but you better do what we say behind the scenes

Music Industry Corporate Accountants Pay Attention – Group Night is bad for ROI

So let us appeal to the music industry’s inner greedy child.  The bottom line is that last night was not good entertainment no matter how you slice it.  ‘Cops’ would have been more entertaining. 

Let American Idol do group night if there is some reason to test the would be stars, maybe it helps to identify who will jump through corporate hoops down the road, but if they are going to do group night, don’t put that crap on TV, its a waste of my DVR space! 

Wish I had a crap filter on my DVR, "The show set to record was deleted due to extremely low levels of quality content."  Maybe we should start a letter writing campaign to Congress, now there’s a group of people that know just how flawed a group night concept really is.