The Trifecta of BlogWorld, New Media Expo & Las Vegas WordCamp 2009

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Last weekend I ventured back to BlogWorld & the New Media Expo and Las Vegas WordCamp.  The great thing is that all three conferences were consolidated in the Las Vegas Convention Center.  I closed out WordCamp with a Session on How to Design a WordPress Theme in Minutes.  The video from the event is not yet available, but the slides are below:

This was an expanded version of the ‘Intro’ level presentation that I provided a few weeks ago at WordCamp Birmingham. 

The big difference is that I demonstrated how to use multiple themes in a single WordPress configuration.  Multiple themes that anyone could design and later iterate modifications themselves.  I also highlighted a few of the techniques that I utilized to build our strategic partner’s site at Grass Shack Events & Media.

Here is the basic code that I utilized to create and call a default header as well as alternate headers based on an if then else selection:

// example of using header file based on pages
// note that you can either use page ID, Page Name or Page Slug
// this one uses page title

if (is_page()){
else {


This month I will also create additional step by step video tutorials to share with people that were unable to attend this session.  Alternately, if you would like me to speak at a conference or event in your area, please contact me to discuss availability.

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WordCamp Birmingham 2009 Presentation Slides – Design Your First WordPress Theme in Minutes

Brett Bumeter is presenting today at WordCamp Birmingham teaching people how to design their first theme in minutes.

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I’ll make more more materials available later today, but here is my initial slide presentation for WordCamp Birmingham.  This is just the opening remarks for the actual mentored demonstration.  Hoping to add video of the meat and potatoes of this presentation after its done.

The main goal of this presentation is to help everyone give this a try, and if possible design their own theme, while I guide the audience through the process.


Click Here-Follow instructions to download free trial of Artisteer from CnetIf you want to follow along during the presentation, I recommend downloading the free trial software from Artisteer or Cnet

1. Go to Artisteer &amp; follow the instructions to download the free trial via Cnet (Mac users navigate to the News tab, scroll down and download the Mac OSx version of Artisteer)

*If you are using a Mac with Snow Leopard 10.6, there is a early beta (download trial beta) that is workable for most users so far, that early release by Apple has the team at Artisteer working over time like so many other companies I suspect.

2.  Install the free trial software (works on PCs or Macs) &amp; generate your theme.


For more information on the Theme Design Contest . . . see -&gt;

Enter the WordPress ‘License to Design’ Theme Contest 2.0

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Can’t Drag Widget into Sidebar 2 on Artisteer Designed Theme?

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A friend of mine that is learning how to use both WordPress and Artisteer, the theme design software, sent me a question about what appeared to be a broken sidebar option within WordPress. 

John of asks

I am wanting to install an Aweber autoresponder Sign Up Box (for a Giveaway report and a series of autoresponder emails) on our site. 

I believe the best way to do that is to put the Sign Up box in Sidebar 2 which doesn’t appear to be activated on our TLCoaches site. 

I went  to Widgets on the WP control panel to drag the &quot;text/HTML&quot; widget onto Sidebar 2 but it wouldn’t drag nor do any other widgets
Can you tell me the best way to get the autoresponder box on every page of our site?

In reality, WordPress and the sidebars on the site were not broken.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the site as of the date of the question.


This particular site only has 1 sidebar programmed into the theme.  With Artisteer (as of Sept 2009) at most you can design themes with 2 sidebars.  You can add more than 2 sidebars to the themes after export but that is another topic for a different day.

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Greatest WordPress Theme Generator Now Available for Macs!

Since November of 2008, PC User’s have benefited from the WordPress Theme Generator called Artisteer and now that WordPress Generator desktop application is available for Apple / Mac users.  The initial Mac beta was just released and people that purchase/have purchased a PC license will also have the ability to use the license on a Mac or vice versa on a PC.




I have been giving demonstrations of WordPress as a Content Management System for several months which includes a demo of Artisteer and the first question that is always asked is, “Does Artisteer work on a Mac?”

Now the answer is YES!  Artisteer does work on Macs.



Better yet, existing Artisteer users already know that when you purchase a license, that license will receive free upgrades for a year.  I have personally created almost 100 WordPress themes since purchasing Artisteer last fall, and I have significantly benefited from many many upgrades to the software.  This latest upgrade ads more Avatar support for WordPress, ads support for Dot Net Nuke and past upgrades provided support for Joomla & Drupal templates and much much more.

here’s the latest news release from Artisteer about the Mex Mac Capability

Artisteer for Mac (Beta) has arrived!
Artisteer 2.2 for Mac (Beta) is now available by clicking here. Couple interesting facts:

  • Artisteer for Mac joins the family of products based on cross-platform .NET framework known as Mono.
  • Artisteer might be the first product for Mac OS utilizing the ribbon interface first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows.

Technical notes and known issues for beta testers:

  • Artisteer for Mac runs on Intel based hardware with OS X version 10.5 (Leopard).
  • Artisteer for Mac requires X11 which is usually installed by default on OS X 10.5.
  • Artisteer may require approx 1 minute to start the first time after installation.
  • The "Open" and "Save" dialogs display Windows style folder structure and may require additional navigation to desired Mac folders.
  • The top Mac menu bar does not offer an option to quit Artisteer. Use the Artisteer menu, keyboard shortcut ‘Command’+’Q’, or the red window close button to quit.
  • Keyboard shortcuts stop working after clicking anywhere within the web design preview area.
  • Certain amount of instability and limitations (as above) are expected due to limitations of the current Mono framework 2.4.
  • There is a slight chance that your Mac computer may freeze when using Artisteer (this happened once in our tests). Please save all your work often in case you need to reboot your computer.

Customers who purchased an Artisteer license can use it on both PC and Mac computers (one each) during the beta period. An official release date of the Mac version will be planned after receiving detailed  issue reports from our beta testers and determining how much work is needed to resolve those issues.
Please send feedback and report reproducible issues to our support via the Contact Us page.

Artisteer version 2.2 update
We are releasing a new update to Artisteer 2.2 to resolve a few recent issues reported in the previous version 2.2 Beta.

  • Artisteer: Added "Options" button in the export dialog.
  • Artisteer: Added DotNetNuke Skin export announced below.
  • Artisteer: Fixed a bug with the font size being altered by changing Articles -> Line Height.
  • WordPress: Improved compatibility with Avatar List plugin.
  • Joomla: Resolved custom footer not showing up.
  • Joomla: Resolved centered menus not shown correctly.
  • Joomla: Resolved a problem with the text "’30’, ‘height’ => ’30’ near h2" showing on some pages.
  • Joomla: Fixed incorrect path to spacer.gif in script.js file in Joomla templates.
  • Drupal: Fixed an issue with broken image appearing instead of a logo uploaded in Drupal.

The new version can be obtained by clicking here and may become the officially released version 2.2 after additional testing.

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Labs on the Lake | Monetizing Blogs and Traffic Building by Networking-Week of 5/18

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This week we are kicking off two more Labs on the Lake.  This week we will hold two labs.  One today, Monday(5-18 at 2pm est), covering the topic of Blog Monetization, walking through some blog revenue sources, adding some new ones to the list and giving some advice on how to navigate these options which can be murky on a good day. [Meetup RSVP link] 

This like many of our topics will be covered several times.  Blog Monetization is definitely not something that can be covered in a single day, let alone a single lab.  Many people are looking for ways to earn extra money, raise revenue to market their companies more, or even start their own business.  We will help people get started with the process of making money with a blog (a blog is required to follow along with this lab in person or on our live show at ).

Then on Thursday(5/21 2 pm est) we are going to cover the topic of building traffic through networking.  [Meetup RSVP link]

Again this is a very deep topic and one we will revisit many times in the future, but you can tune into either lab at 2 PM est or if you are in the Charlotte area, RSVP through our Meetup group (cost $5 to attend) and spend an afternoon on the lake learning some great web skills that will make you money.

We are following up on our first Lab on the Lake last week, which covered WordPress Installation, WordPress Configuration, & WordPress Theme design with our favorite WordPress Theme Generator-Artisteer.  The video from this event (our first live broadcast) didn’t take to well, but we got the bugs worked out the next night when we held our weekly WordPress Meetup in Charlotte and do expect this weeks events to go off without a hitch.

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NIN Records, to Tour With Jane’s Addiction…

Somehow I missed this yesterday on the Daily Swarm (…ear-while/ ) but here’s some NIN/JA news that will definitely please the likes of @brettbum and @michaelbayer:

Trent Reznor has been recording with Jane’s Addiction and will tour with the group as well: I break out my Jane’s records and am amazed by how vital they sound. These guys were the real deal and in this current climate mostly dominated by poseurs and pussies it was refreshing to hear something that sounded dangerous, volatile, beautiful and SINCERE.Emails were sent, phone calls were made, dinner was arranged, ideas were discussed and the next thing I know we’re in the studio experimenting. We laugh, we get to know each other, we cry, we yell, we almost quit, we record LOTS of guitar solos, we discuss, we actually begin to all communicate, we yell some more, we become FRIENDS, we laugh again and we do some great things. I get to see first hand why they broke up all those years ago but I also get the chance to see four distinct personalities that become an INCREDIBLE band when they’re in the same room.In NIN world, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of our first releases. I’ve been thinking for some time now it’s time to make NIN disappear for a while. Last year’s "Lights in the Sky" tour was something I’m quite proud of and seems like the culmination of what I could pull off in terms of an elaborate production. It was also quite difficult to pull off technically and physically night after night and left us all a bit dazed. After some thought, we decided to book a last run of shows across the globe this year.

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NIN Records, to Tour With Jane’s Addiction…

A couple days ago I had heard that NIN and Jane’s my both be in Lollapallooza this year with Jane’s headlining.

I first became a fan of Jane’s at the first Lollapalooza in San Francisco back in 91. I went to see NIN perform with some interest in some of the other performers including the Butthole Surfers, Suzie and the Banshees. I had heard of Jane’s a couple years earlier, but hadn’t listened to them.

I wasn’t a fan of Jane’s who headlined until the night was over. They capped off an amazing concert and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I haven’t seen Jane’s perform since and even though Lolapalooza has become extremely watered down with bubble gum over the years, I will probably go for a chance to see Jane’s one more time. If NIN or Trent is there, that would be even better.

NIN was definitely amazing when I saw them in concert a couple month back.