If You Didn’t Live it This Documentary Might be an Eye Opener About Glam Rock – Marc Bolan – T Rex

This will walk you further down the rabbit hole, looking for that elusive white swan

The fall is not always pretty, actually pretty sad in this case.

This then left an odd question about where the millions of dollars went?

Documentary -"Who Got Marc Bolan´s Millions?"(Pt 1/8), C4, September 2003
He made millions in the Seventies, but where did Marc Bolan´s money go…?

His family couldn’t believe he died with just ten thousand pounds


2 B Sides – for the fans – cheap tickets on purpose, a modern day record company antagonist


The Bahamas offshore accounts

The kids, settling down and his son.  Was he in charge of his own destiny though?


The rumors, and myth, was there a missing will for his son and partner…

No taxes paid, will get you in trouble with Inland Revenue every time, who went after his wife, who had to sue the trust and offshore companies. Many untimely deaths and a possible curse???

Milking a dead man, Milking a dead star