Homemade speakers great life hack

Top Life Hacks, make your own speakers!

Quick Cheap easy way to make your own speakers. First step, find a paper towel cardboard tube or a toilet paper one, you can even find a newspaper or magazine and use that ,but that will make things more complicated later. Then get your phone or iPod and a marker and carefully trace an outline […]

Lin DahSmith

Top 10 ways to tell if someone on odesk is a scammer

Recently I received an invitation to a job application on Odesk. (shown below)     Sometimes its hard to tell if you are dealing with a spammer or scammer. Heres a great definition to explain scam A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. By “fraudulent”, we include misleading, misdirected or exaggerated claims in advertising. http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/definitions.php  1. A […]

At Beach house with dog eating steak on Minecraft PE.

Top 3 Apps for Summer

In this article we take a look at our Top 3 Apps on the App store 1 – Minecraft PE – Do anything! Minecraft is one of the most innovative games in history has brought itself to the App store. If you have never had the pleasure of playing Minecraft for yourself here’s how it […]


Microsoft Narrator – How to Turn Off Microsoft Narrator!

It is amazingly difficult to turn off Microsoft Narrator, but it is possible.  Here are the steps to turn Microsoft Narrator off! 8 Steps to Turn Off Microsoft Narrator on Vista Go to Control Panel –> Ease of Access –> Ease of Access Center –> Explore all Settings –> Click Use the computer without a […]