Power of Blogging for Business – 1 Article Created 6 top 10 SERPs

Trying to evangelize the concept of why a company should communicate through the blog medium with anecdotes is a fool’s game.  Companies either get it or they don’t with a description like a college kid getting a business lesson out of a text book.

small fishing net I have understood the merits for several years now working as a blogger, ghost writer, web designer and more.  I’m not only in the choir, but I’m a part time choir director.  If you are like me, I’m not trying to preach to you.

However, if you are looking for an example of why blogging can be fruitful for business and you DO NOT understand the need to get closer with your existing and potential customers, then consider this.

Your company website is essentially a foot print on the web.  Make a small website and you have a small presence.  Grow that website and make it bigger and bigger and you have a larger presence on the web.

Each blog article you write increases the size and more importantly the reach of your website, like a fisherman using a larger and larger net.


Last night I wrote a single blog article and created a YouTube tutorial video to accompany the article making it stickier and more useful for the people that might actually come see the article.

Optimize Artisteer WordPress Theme’s H1/H2 Title Tags for SEO

A video & written tutorial to optimize a Artisteer WordPress theme h1 & h2 title tags to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results and SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Placements)

Single business blog article generates 6 top 10 Google listings

Within 6 hours this new article had garnished me a position in Search Engine Results Pages within the top 10 of 6 different keywords that I felt were important for business.  I was indexed in at least 10 somewhere on Google covering other keywords that were not as important, but might not hurt either.

Not only is my website larger, stickier to hold a visitor, but my presence on Google is also expanded and positioning me for even better things!  All from a single article and a video.

Is there money in writing a single blog article for your Own Business?

Yes!  I’ve already made a sale as a result of this article and its only 6 hours old.  It will now go on to live on the internet for months if not years, where it can help people learn a useful skill (video tutorial) and find the right tools (products I offer) and possibly choose to hire my firms services (after learning a thing or two about us and developing a relationship).

What do I do with that Article now that it is built?

imageI’m not done with it yet.  I still have further work to do to market the article, push it out even further on the internet, work to attract back links to the article and my site.  Optimize that blog article to perform even better, searching out other related and important keywords that I didn’t originally consider and track my way up the rankings on the keywords I already have.